Dékavé – stands for “Draad en Kabel Verwerking” which means “wire and cable processing” in Dutch – specializes in developing and assembling customized cables. With over 35 years of experience Dékavé is a reliable partner for all your specialized cables. At Dékavé we have an extensive machinery, experienced staff and a lot of knowledge in-house. Dékavé can help you optimize your design and advise you to get the best solution for your application.

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Dékavé produces and assembles specialized cable assemblies for numerous clients. Many different kinds of cables are produced with great attention to detail. Dékavé does not use standard products; every project and application requires a tailor-made cable assembly.

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The cable assemblies that Dékavé produces are implemented in various applications, spread over many different industries. Every industry takes advantage of specialized tools and equipment. In these machines cable assemblies are used to make connections.

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The design of the cable assembly largely determines the efficiency of a machine. We are happy to advise you on solutions for your prototype. With a lot of experience about processing and assembling cables, we can help you find a wiring solution for your application.

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At Dékavé we have an extensive machinery and high-quality assembly department. The assembly department and the cut and strip department form the manufacturing heart of the production company. With very experienced staff, every project is delivered with great attention to detail.

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In order to guarantee the quality of our products and to provide safe cables, Dékavé has a quality department that tests every product before sending it. Dékavé stands for high quality and works hard to guarantee this quality by extensive testing with customized testing equipment.

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