March 1985 – in a garage at the Lage Witsiebaan in Tilburg – Ruud Christiaans starts working with his father Jo Christiaans processing customized cable harness assemblies. This marks the start of Dékavé. In this garage the foundation is laid for Dékavé as a company. Soon after te start in march, July 1985 – Dékavé outgrows the garage and moves to St. Caeciliastraat in Berkel-Ensthot. According to the planning, the new location will facilitate the needs of Dékavé for the coming two years. Faster than expected Dékavé has to move again due to the lack of space. In July 1986 Dékavé moves to Rhijnkant 3 in Berkel-Enschot. In the 35 years that follow, cable harness assemblies are processed and assembled for national and international clients from this location.