Dékavé – stands for “Draad en Kabel Verwerking” which means “wire and cable processing” in Dutch – specializes in developing and assembling customized cables. With over 35 years of experience Dékavé is a reliable partner for all your specialized cables. At Dékave we have an extensive machinery, experienced staff and a lot of knowledge in-house. Dékavé can help you optimize your design and advise you to get the best solution for your application.



Dékavé possesses extensive knowledge and expertise with regard to the processing of all kinds of specially tailored cable assemblies. Dékavé is happy to contribute to a solution for your project. Each application uses a different type of cable with a corresponding connector. With years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of cable processing, Dékavé can help you achieve your desired result. After planning out the process our experienced staff starts assembling the cables. The cables are produced and assembled with great attention to detail. To ensure the quality meets the standard, every product is tested by our quality department.

A personal approach of working is of great value to Dékavé. Each level of the company is contributing to finding a solution for the client. We encourage our staff to come up with ideas and being part of the complete process. Thanks to the size of the company, the knowledge and experience of the staff – Dékavé is able to work very flexibly and efficiently. This results in high-quality and safe products at a fair price.

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